Magnum Anti Ballistic Systems

First Responders around the world trust
products and training to keep them safe in any situation.

Magnum Anti-Ballistic Systems was started in 2009 by Michael Pelonzi. Mike is a certified Firearms, Chemical Munitions, Gun and Knife Defensive Tactics instructor for 18 years.

Bullet Proof Outfitters is a result of that

inspiration for developing a light weight Ballistic Panel was when his son came home from school with a lock down drill sheet. In the event of an active shooter in the school the plan was for all the students to hover in a corner and shut the lights out. Knowing this plan would only cause more casualties than it would save, Mike wanted to give the students and teachers a better option.

The goal was to develop a light weight material that a child could carry on a daily basis and affordable so that a parent could buy it. Five years later the Magnum Ballistic Panel was born. A 20 oz. panel 1/2 inch thick with a NIJ rating of 3A. This is the same protection as a standard police vest. The Ballistic Panel fit almost every Backpack used on school campuses. Custom Sizes were also available for the others.

The Ballistic Panel became so popular people were asking to put it into their Briefcases. Laptop Bags, Camera Bags, and other personal items. Today we are proud to offer a wide variety of Ballistic Protection products for any person’s needs.

While the dangers of today’s world changes, we will continue to adapt and meet the changing needs of our customers – because we will always provide.

Ballistic Protection for today’s World.

Magnum Anti Ballistic Systems
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